I am a forever indebted student of yoga who stumbled into a life and love of sailing. I have been fortunate to have cruised the Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific and during that time, seized an opportunity to integrate my yoga practice into this life on the water. Constant changing of the tides, unfamiliar locations, unpredictable weather and alternating cycles of the earth and moon, offered themselves as teachers, guiding me through uncharted and spontaneous flows of asana within this unconventional environment of a boat. These auspicious experiences challenged my perception of what yoga should be and initiated this idea of what it actually is: true and absolute presence.

Instead of defining it, we discover it. Instead of doing it, we embody it. It is living. My take away is this: we learn to attune to our surroundings and flow with them rather than against. We learn mindfulness while the influence of judgments weaken. This is living yoga…

I am truly grateful for what I have learned and encourage everyone, whether you’re a sailor or just love the water; whether yoga is deeply embedded into your lifestyle or you just enjoy the occasional get together with the community, to share in this experience. Find your yoga on the sandbar dividing deep waters at low tide. Gaze or meditate on the bow of the boat at sunrise with wildlife swimming below you. Get a taste of life as a cruiser and stay with us at the marina with the option to anchor. Explore the local flavors of wherever we may be and


This is The Cruising Yogi.