Hi, I’m Ali.


Training and Qualifications:

  • USCG Captain’s License

  • 500 YTT

  • Registered Yoga Alliance

  • Teaching 20 Years (Prana Vinyasa, Hot Power, Hatha)

  • Lululemon Ambassador

I discovered yoga during very difficult times as a teenager. My first taste was a VHS video of Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga given to me by a friend. Within a month, I was hooked. It offered a unique opportunity to explore breath control and movement in ways I had not had before. As years progressed, I continued to seek out my own practice which eventually defined a point in which I felt inspired to lead others.

My path began as a young teen and what started as a casual practice, evolved into a way of life. Yoga became part of my everyday experience and deepened beyond that of just physical postures. I pursued my studies with local teachers, eventually transitioning from practitioner to teacher in 2002 but remained a humble student throughout. I was teaching yoga at the George Washington University where I also completed by BA in Geographic Information Studies and International Affairs. I started my career as a geographer in DC but my passion stayed loyal to yogic studies. I later completed my formal Yoga Teacher Training at Samudra Global School of Living Yoga under Shiva Rea, left my job and put my focus on teaching.

In 2012, I went on my first boat charter to the British Virgin Islands. It was there that I fell in love with the water and sailing. Furthermore, attempting yoga while out at sea was a welcomed challenge. The moment I returned, I moved out of my apartment, bought a sailboat and moved aboard. This afforded me an incredible opportunity to integrate yoga into life on the water. Leaving the stability of a studio and building a foundation for practice over the water challenged my perception of what yoga actually was. There were no mirrors and nothing to compare to. It was just me in a “feeling” state being guided with my intuition. I learned that yoga is living and forever evolving. I learned that yoga is the embodiment of complete presence.

Shortly thereafter, I started the Cruising Yogi (Island Yoga Retreat Boat Charters), combining my two loves, Yoga and Sailing in beautiful and secluded parts of the world. I have since obtained my Boat Captains’ License and have connected with local studios. I currently teach around the Bay Area, and in 2018 I co-founded Coastside Yoga Collective, a community yoga studio in Half Moon Bay, California.